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Welcome to the Evil Kingdom Guild. We are a small guild comprised of player that have played DAOC for a long time. Our members are mature adults with many real-life responsibilities which limits our playing time. We play mostly on Saturday morning/afternoons depending on your time zone. Most of our time is focus on playing nightshades. As stated before, our members are mature and some have small children that require attention. Diaper changes, getting a drink or get some food are common occurances that we stop for no matter what the situation. So if you don’t mind these types of interruptions and want join a group that likes to laugh more than get RPs feel free to apply.

Guild Rules:

We are fun, easy going guild. We have a few rules to maintian this atmosphere while playing.

  1. Get a 50 nightshade.
  2. Make template with resists close to cap. Make sure it gets Tam's approval.
  3. Put Saturdays playing time in your calendar. If you need an excuse, tell your spouse you brought work home.
  4. Get ventrillo. It won't be as enjoyable to make fun of you if you can't hear what we are saying.
  5. Please finish puberty before speaking in vent. We don't want to listen to your high pitch screechy voice.
  6. Have a sense of humor or get one before Saturday.
  7. Speak up if you need buffs and don't have a buff bot. Chances are we will forget to buff you bacause we will be too busy listening to Tam tells us how we noobed it up.
  8. Getting an Otterpop is an acceptable reason to ninja AFK.
  9. Always make sure that Jaimie is driving us to the correct keep. Very imporatant!
  10. Oly is very nice until you piss her off. Don't piss Oly off.
  11. Tom is not nice. You can try to piss him off, but he won't care.
  12. Red is dead. Tom will kill anything. No remorse, no shame.
  13. Never stick to Tom. That dude will get you killed faster than anyone. Even faster than Jaimie.
  14. Maintain family faction so you can play with us.
  15. It's splikow not splakow.
Guild News

DAOC offers smoke screen to the nightshade class

Xaux, May 24, 12 2:17 AM.
 Miteshade, Fennen, Eenny, and Xercies storm hurbury ck. They almost had a kill but were confused by the smoke screen and killed each other. DAOC still working out the kinks.

Kobold arrested for speed hacking

Xaux, May 21, 12 3:51 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Xaux, May 21, 12 10:37 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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